CloudCannon Documentation

These steps are in continiuation from step2 in the section deploying.

Step2 continued…

There are 2 ways to launch.

  1. Using a Public Repo URL
  2. I have a Github account

Using a Public Repo URL

If you don’t have an id, then type these Public repo url in the text box.

I have a Github id.

Choose your Github repository.

Adding a build script. optional

The build script is used to install additional dependencies in the launched application which can contain shell scripts.

For your convenience the sample public repos has baked in build scripts as needed.

The build script needs to be named as build and shall reside under the parent root directory.

Now that you have chosen the git repo, Go to step3 to launch.

Make changes to your Php App code optional

To make changes in the code verticeapps/php_wordpress ensure that you have the build tools like git, apache2 installed.

 cd php_wordpress

Push your changes optional

Let us say we are done testing the changes and want to push the changes to Github

cd php_wordpress

git push master
Username for '': verticeuser
Password for '':
1d26d24..5cabacb  master -> master