Release Notes

v2.0 Release history


2.0.0-rc9 : June 08, 2018

Features - tentative

  • Build a blockchain network using Hyperledger fabric

  • Create a blockchain app using chaincode for insurance.

  • Document CI/CD with an example project.

  • Document Horizontal scaling/Vertical scaling with samples.

2.0.0-rc8 : June 01, 2018


  • Design documentation for building a blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric

  • Design documentation for creating a blockchain app using chaincode backed by blockchain network

  • Self healing - using node controller which updates the states of the node periodically.

2.0.0-rc7 : May 25, 2018


  • UI Infrastructure with options to edit location, virtual network.

  • Performance testing of Rio/OS using rioosperf using

  • Find the bottlenecks in preformance of telemetry processor with an assumption of 100 users (50k http requests per second)

  • Test the recoverable states of containers.

  • Stability testing and fixes for scheduler to process jobs correctly.

  • Push the containers built into a private registry and process continious deploy - Good case.

2.0.0-rc6 : May 18, 2018


  • Install Rio/OS using autorio

  • UI Infrastructure - preview.

  • Notification mailers moved to api server.

  • Horizontal scaler numbers new instances with incremental numerics

  • Nodelet when restarted brings up the state of digitalcloud, container to the last known state.

2.0.0-rc5 : May 11, 2018


  • CLI perform CI/CD using BuildConfig.

  • CLI perform clean logout by wiping off the device session.

  • Launch containers from private registry

  • Dashboard metrics - statistics of node’ process metrics/disk IO.

  • Nodelet keeps upto date status of containers/VM by probing them periodically.

2.0.0-rc4 : May 04, 2018


  • User login from devices are tracked with multi sessions.
  • Node statistics charts of disk usage.
  • Node statistics network speed usage selection themed.
  • Mailers for running, security are themed.
  • Qemu when resized images using unit string “M” instead of “MiB” in Ubuntu 18.04

2.0.0-rc3 : April 27, 2018


  • An operational view of Rio/OS with their status

2.0.0-rc1 : April 13, 2018


  • Datacenters

Create locations and manage them. See Datacenters for more details.

  • Command Center

UI to manage your datacenter. See Command Center for more details.

  • Scaling

Scale apps based telemtry criteria. See Scaling for more details.

  • Digital Cloud, Container

Deploy a digital cloud, container. Command Center and Quick Starters

  • Security

PKI (public key infrastructure) provides a strong security across Rio OS. Refer Security

  • Identity & Access

Support for authentication using Password, Token, JWT, Passticket. See security

  • Rio.Market

Headless API that supports a curated list of applications. Sync curated apps from Rio.Marketplace into Rio OS.

  • CLI

Mind map Rio OS v2.0.0

Mind map Rio OS