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MegamVertice is an excellent platform as service that enables businesses to build, run scale and manage virtual machines, apps, containers entirely in your own fault tolerant cloud.

Many features of MegamVertice are backed with OpenNebula -a popular IaaS, OpenVZ, Docker and Ceph.

Getting Started

Getting your private platform as service is easy with MegamVertice:

  1. At the outset, know the System requirements
  2. Understand the prerequisities for your installation
  3. Install
  4. Configure MegamVertice
  5. Deploy a Virtual Machine

Follow the Tour to explore the available and forth coming features.


Features OpenSource Enterprise
Virtual Machines Yes Yes
100’s of Bitnami apps in a second Yes Yes
1000’s of Docker registry using an intuitive search Yes Yes
Apps, services(db, queue, nosql..) Yes Yes
Custom apps with integration to Github Yes Yes
Snapshots Yes Yes
Block Storage for VM Yes Yes
Real-time monitor/Logging Yes Yes
White-labelling No Yes
Multi region data center No Yes
Integrated billing with WHMCS No Yes
Cloud Storage like S3 No Yes
Secure Containers coming-soon No Yes


Get the most from MegamVertice by following the documentation for each feature:

Virtual Machines

Deploy your favourite virtual machine of any flavor (Core, RAM, HDD) of any kind such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, CoreOS, DockerMachine and Windows or even from your own snapshots.

100’s of Bitnami apps in a second

Fast search and launch of more than 100 prebuilt bitnami apps. We also provide our images for popular apps like WordPress, OwnCloud, Discourse etc.

1000’s of Docker registry using intuitive search

MegamVertice has fast intuitive search built in, to nail the container you wish to launch. The search skims the public docker registry and reports as many results as it finds.


Enabled to launch Custom App from a public git url or Github from your own repository for launguages like Java, Node.js, Php, Rails, C/C++, Python.

Multi region Data center

Made easy for customers to deploy in multi regions(eg: Sydney, Germany) if you have your datacenter located in two different location in the same city or different countries.

Billing Integration WHMCS

Embedded with WHMCS for dynamic billing to your customers for server resource usage like disk space, RAM or CPU usage for a periodic interval.

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