CloudCannon Documentation

Available on the Enterprise plan.

MegamVertice provides service to upload and download backup by using s3 compatible storage.

Getting Started

Installing minio

  1. Minio supports NFS. Hence we will use our data store mount point eg: /mnt/S18TB6HDD/virtual

2.Create the directory like /usr/share/megam/minio

$ cd /usr/share/megam/minio

$ wget

$ chmod +x minio

Run minio as systemd service

Create the service file in /etc/systemd/system directory file named as minio.service

$ cd /etc/systemd/system

$ nano minio.service

#copy the below file into minio.service

Description=Minio server.
ExecStart=/usr/share/detio/minio/minio server --address /mnt/S18TB6HDD/virtual KillMode=process

Get admin access and secret key

$ journalctl -u minio.service -f

minio.service - Minio server.
   Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/minio.service; static; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Wed 2017-07-05 08:42:19 EEST; 2min 14s ago
 Main PID: 5387 (minio)
   CGroup: /system.slice/minio.service
           └─5387 /usr/share/detio/minio/minio server --address /mnt/S18TB6HDD/virtual

Jul 05 08:42:20 cloud4 minio[5387]: Browser Access:
Jul 05 08:42:20 cloud4 minio[5387]:
Jul 05 08:42:20 cloud4 minio[5387]: Command-line Access:
Jul 05 08:42:20 cloud4 minio[5387]:    $ mc config host add myminio 6YSBQTQHF3HP52062XY5 4h5opVTnxqS5JJ4upiMbhqbgeRvBcCow/0qZPe

From the URL 6YSBQTQHF3HP52062XY5 4h5opVTnxqS5JJ4upiMbhqbgeRvBcCow/0qZPe

  • Access key = 6YSBQTQHF3HP52062XY5
  • Secret key = 4h5opVTnxqS5JJ4upiMbhqbgeRvBcCow/0qZPe

Update Nilavu with minio credentials

$ cd /var/lib/megam

$ nano site_settings.yml

# Update the following site setting keys
 minio_endpoint: ''
 minio_region: 'us-east-1'
 minio_access_key: '6YSBQTQHF3HP52062XY5'
 minio_secret_key: '4h5opVTnxqS5JJ4upiMbhqbgeRvBcCow/0qZPe'
 minio_signature_version: 'v4'
 minio_bucket: 'virtual'

  • The minio_bucket name will be the last directory in /mnt/S18TB6HDD/virtual. In our case its virtual

Proxy minio using nginx

Copy the below file into /etc/nginx/sites-available

$ systemctl daemon-reload

$ systemctl stop nginx

$ systemctl start nginx

Restart Nilavu

$ systemctl stop verticenilavu

$ systemctl start verticenilavu