CloudCannon Documentation

Available on the Open Source plans.

Configure /var/lib/megam/regions.yml to modify the regions to allow an user to choose the region in our product Console (UI - nilavu)

# The name of the region to launch
# The flag of the region launched
    flag: '../../images/regions/au.png'
# The billable currency of the region
    currency: '€'
# The cost of the cpu per hour in the billable currency
    cpu_cost_per_hour: '0.01'
# The cost of the ram per hour in the billable currency
    ram_cost_per_hour: '0.02'
# The cost of the storage per hour in the billable currency
    storage_cost_per_hour: '0.01'
# The maximum cpu the region has.
    max_cpu: '10'
# The maximum ram the region has.
    max_ram: '256 GB'
# The maximum storage the region has.
    max_storage: '500 GB'
# The available ip options for the region.
    private_ipv4: true
    public_ipv4: false
    private_ipv6: false
    public_ipv6: false
# Minimum 3 flavors are needed.
# The different types of launch options a customer can choose
From begining there is no Active Flavors displayed on Lauche Page.
Admin can create Flavors from Vertice Admin panel. 

Multi region support and advanced scaling is available in the enterprise plan